Research Grade Jellyfish Collagen

Next generation collagen produced from jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo).

Jellagen are pioneering the manufacture and development of this next generation, self coating collagen for cell culture and medical applications. As jellyfish collagen is not derived from mammals or fish, it has the advantage of being disease vector and BSE free.

Jellyfish collagen most resembles Type I “like” collagen but according to literature has been referenced as having collagen Type II-“like” and Type V “like” properties.

This product can be purchased as either a 0.3% and 0.6% (3 mg/ml and 6mg/ml) solution of jellyfish collagen in 0.1M acetic acid. It is intended to produce (dried) thin layer coatings on tissue culture plates/flasks to facilitate attachment of anchorage dependent cells.

For 3D matrices (see Jellagen-3D Scaffold)

Product Code  Product Name  Size/Quantity 
JL10ML-3 Cell culture reagent (3mg/mL) 10ML
JL10ML-6 Cell culture reagent (6mg/mL) 10ML
JL100ML-3 Cell culture reagent (3mg/mL) 100ML
JL100ML-6 Cell culture reagent (6mg/mL) 100ML
JL1L-3 Cell culture reagent (3mg/mL) 1L
JL1L-6 Cell culture reagent (6mg/mL) 1L

This product is for research purposes only.

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Innovative Offers a viable alternative to mammalian and synthetic reagents with the below features and benefits.
Non-mammalian Highly purified jellyfish collagen alternative providing consistent, repeatable results.
Compatible with all existing cell culture protocols Like-for-like substitute for existing collagens in cell culture offering a matrix that promotes cell adhesion, proliferation and cell functionality.
Batch to batch consistency Highly purified collagen that offers improved research productivity allowing security of product consistency and reproducible results.
Evolutionary ancient collagen demonstrating
sequence homology to collagen I, II, III and V
Universal applications for multiple cell types and
regenerative medicine.
Manufactured according to ISO13485 Follows a quality controlled manufacturing process producing a medical device-grade collagen.

CAS Number: 9064-67-9

Chemistry Preserved Triple Helix
Form Liquid
Solvent 0.1M Acetic Acid
Concentration 3mg/ml and 6mg/ml
Turbidity Clear to Opaque
pH 2.5 – 3.6
Bacteria <5 CFU/ml


This self coating collagen solution can be used for all existing collagen protocols and applications. It has also been tested in 2D culture with mammalian and human primary cells to verify it is applicable for routine laboratory cell culture research. Jellyfish collagen offers Type I “Like” and Type II “Like” scaffold properties.

  • Type I collagen is a component of skin, bone, tendon, and other fibrous connective tissues.
  • Type II collagen is the predominant fibrous component making up 90–95% of the primary collagen and 40–70% of the total dry weight of articular cartilage.

Jellyfish collagen has been shown in cell culture as an attachment substratum. Examples of human primary and stem cells include, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Fibroblasts, Hepatocytes, Endothelial cells, Keratinocytes, Chondrogenic Progenitor Cells, Urine Derived Stem Cells, Cardiomyocytes have all been cultured successfully on films or gels of jellyfish collagen. Jellyfish collagen differs from mammalian collagens by their lower hydroxyproline composition which may affect thermal stability. This can be overcome by the use of standard chemical cross-linking protocols.

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