Jellagen is able to produce jellyfish collagen on a large scale due to innovative manufacturing procedures, which have been developed by working with industry and academic partners. Our process currently produces >90% pure high quality native collagen, suitable for cell culture and research use.

Our aim is to be able to make our manufacturing process up to ISO13485 standards, allowing us to produce collagen products suitable for use in medical devices for wound care and regenerative medicine. We are currently in the process of developing this part of our manufacturing facility, and are confident we will become a leading world provider of jellyfish collagen suitable for applications in vivo.

Core technology

Fibrillar collagens such as type I, II, III and V exist as a triple helix. These form strong fibers that can be made into structures with low antigenicity, excellent biocompatability and biodegradable making collagen a highly versatile biomaterial. The extraction process for Jellagen’s non-mammalian collagen preserves its triple helix structure producing a functional collagen.