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Neurons & Astrocytes on Jellagen®


The recent research conducted by Censo Biotechnologies shows synchronised firing of Neurons grown in Co-culture with Astrocytes on Jellagen.

Jellagen was shown to have an increased level of synchronisation when compared against Growth Factor Reduced Matrigel (GFR MG). This means cells will perform more like they would in vivo and confidence can be taken knowing that your results will be affected by the variables you are changing, rather than growth factors or other aspects of the media.

Jellagen vs Matrigel

Summary trace D20 of Co-Culture, David Wallbank, CENSO Biotechnologies

The mean correlation of the neuronal network synchronisation is higher on Jellagen compared to Matrigel. The neuron cell count and firing rate is higher on Matrigel but with Jellagen the neurons only adhere to the surface of the well that has been coated with Astrocytes, resulting in a network of neurons that displays an increased level of synchronisation compared to Matrigel.

This study used Jellagen’s Liquid Biomaterial