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The very first spheroids grown on JellaGel


Thank you Gabriela Kronemberger and Leandra Baptista, PhD at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro for sharing this excellent image of Adipose-derived stem cells at 1 week in our jellyfish collagen hydrogel, JellaGel.

JellaGel  is a significant innovation in the fields of cell culture and regenerative medicine. With a concentration of 4.0-4.5mg/ml it is sold in either 20ml or 100ml formats. JellaGel can be stored for up to 6 weeks from date of manufacture.

The reasons to adopt jellyfish collagen compared with mammalian collagens include:

  • Prion & disease-vector free material.
  • Inert & cleaner at the miRNA level.
  • Biocompatible offering a low immunogenicity profile.
  • Consistent from one batch to another because of the simplistic physiology of jellyfish.
  • Similar to mammalian and human type I, II, III, V collagens because of the ancient chemical lineage.
  • Compatible with all existing cell culture methodologies (self-coating, imaging, etc).
  • ISO13485:2016 certified manufacturing.


Adipose derived stem cells

The very first Spheroids grown on JellaGel. Gabriela Kronemberger and Leandra Baptista, PhD at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro