Test Jellyfish Collagen in your own lab !

96 well coated plate

Advance your cell culture research by joining our free trial programme and receive one of our 96 well collagen coated plates for you to test in your own lab.

Jellyfish collagen will enable you to benefit from the following :

  • BSE & Disease vector free collagen
  • Highly purified
  • Batch to batch consistency
  • Inert and clean material
  • Demonstrates properties of collagen’s type I, collagen type II, and collagen type V

Just follow these steps to apply:

1 – Complete the registration form (Give us a much information as possible to support your application)
2 – Receive your 1 x 96 well coated plate within a few days*
3 – Test the product as part of your applications
5 – Submit your feedback at the end of the trial**

* upon application approval
** To be part of the free trial programme you agree to share all data and results with Jellagen

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