Free trial programme: terms & conditions


Jellagen’s free trial programme is free for the first 500 applicants. After these 500, shipping will be charged at the following rates:

UK Europe ROW
£15 £ 50 £ 70

You will be made aware of any additional charges before entering the programme.

Jellagen will individually approve each sample request against its set approval criteria.

Jellagen reserve the right to refuse any sample requests from any person or organisation where they deem inappropriate and/or abusing the programme for own or financial benefit.

The sample will consist of either; 1 x Collagen Coated Plate (96 well) OR 1 x set of 4 individual scaffolds cast in a 96 well plate.


By agreeing to participate in Jellagen’s free trial programme you commit to:

Supply comprehensive feedback of the product and it’s use within your applications/research.

A team member from Jellagen may get in direct contact through email or phone to ask additional information relating to your sample use. Information may include data, imagery, charts relating to your research.

Receive regular marketing communications relating to new Jellagen products and information relating to the free trial programme. You will be able to opt-out of marketing communications at any time.

NDA’s can be accepted


Returns and Cancellations

Once you are accepted onto the free trial programme you are unable to return or cancel your commitment to the programme.
If for any reason (unforeseen circumstances) you are unable to complete the free trial programme you must notify Jellagen immediately, as you may be liable for cost of product and shipping.

If at the end of the free trial period you do not provide the compulsory feedback, Jellagen reserves the right to reclaim cost of product and shipping from any individual or organisation.


For further information, please contact us