Collagen Sponge 3D Matrices

Jellagen®-3D Sponge offers the potential for cells to possess a natural tissue-like structure offering better function in a more physiologically relevant manner.

Jellagen 3D Sponge

Jellagen®-3D Sponge


Jellagen®-3D Sponge creates a 3D cell culture environment that enables cells to maintain their in vivo morphology, behaviour and responsiveness within an in vitro model system. The porous network within the sponge allows for efficient nutrient uptake and increased surface area for cell attachment and migration.

The Jellagen®-3D Sponge offers optimal nutrient uptake by cells allowing exchange of nutrients, gases and waste products by passive diffusion across short distances.

Jellagen®-3D Sponge has been designed for routine laboratory research use and is compatible with conventional cell culture plasticware.

  • Compatible with the majority of down stream analytical techniques.
  • No specialist laboratory equipment required
  • No changes to routine cell culture media and cell feeding protocols
  • Ease of use to cell biologists using Jellagen-3D Sponge for cell culture

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