3D Scaffolds

Next Generation Jellyfish Collagen 3D Scaffolds for in vitro cell culture and tissue engineering.

Jellagen® 3D Scaffolds offer the potential for cells to possess a natural tissue-like structure offering better function in a more physiologically relevant manner.

Jellagen® 3D Scaffolds create a 3D cell culture environment that enables cells to maintain their in vivo morphology, behaviour and responsiveness within an in vitro model system. The porous network within the sponge allows for efficient nutrient uptake and increased surface area for cell attachment and migration.

The grade of Jellagen® jellyfish collagen used to manufacture these scaffolds has been tested to verify its applicability for routine cell culture research using human primary and iPSC-derived cell lines. Jellagen® Jellyfish collagen has been shown to promote cellular attachment, proliferation and differentiation to develop functional matrices.

Cell lines that have been cultured successfully on Jellagen® jellyfish collagen include, but are not limited to: Chondrogenic progenitor cells, ovarian cancer cells and iPSC-derived microglia

Features  Benefits
Innovative Offers a viable alternative to mammalian and synthetic scaffolds
Non-mammalian Highly purified jellyfish collagen alternative providing consistent, repeatable results
Batch to batch consistency Offers improved research productivity allowing security of product consistency and reproducible results
Cross-linked EDC cross-linked scaffolds for enhanced mechanical and thermal stability, resorbable in vivo.
Evolutionary ancient collagen demonstrating sequence homology to collagen I, II & V Universal applications for multiple cell types and regenerative medicine
Manufactured to ISO13485 Follows a quality controlled manufacturing producing a consistent scaffold
Uniform pore size Promotes cell seeding, invasion, proliferation and differentiation. Allows for growth factor permeation and gas exchange, ensuring long term cell survival.
Natural scaffold Jellagen® 3D Scaffolds exhibit similar physiological components and properties to the ECM of the in vivo micro environment


Jellagen® 3D Scaffolds


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Format 96 - well scaffolds, cast in plates
Collagen Jellyfish collagen
Storage Room temperature
Serum level Serum free
Shelf life Under evaluation
Plate polymer Non-tissue culture treated, polystyrene and non-pyrogenic
Colour White to off-white
Bioburden Negative
Shipping conditions Room temperature
pH Neutral

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