The Benefits of Next Generation Collagen

Benefits of Next Generation Collagen for lab applications

Purified jellyfish collagen for tissue engineering research, cell culture & Biochemistry

Jellagen® is a unique native collagen structure derived from jellyfish, an evolutionary ancient chemical lineage and root of all collagens. Thanks to the simple nature of jellyfish, Jellagen® is a pure and native form of collagen offering unique characteristics.

Features Benefits
Next Generation biomaterial for 2D and 3D cell culture • ISO13485 certified manufacturing process
• Non-mammalian and BSE and disease vector free.
• Non-Cytotoxic
• Cleaner in terms of non-specific miRNA content compared to mammalian collagen.
• Bioresorbable and Biocompatible.
Batch to batch consistency • A highly purified collagen.
• Offers improved research productivity allowing security of product consistency and reproducible results.
Next generation collagen Evolutionary ancient chemistry – The root of all Collagens with 600 million years of evolution.
Multiple applications Regenerative medicine
• Tissue engineering
• Electrospinning
• 3D porous structures
• Gels
Universal collagen scaffold Jellyfish collagen characteristics are Type-I “Like”, Type-II “Like” and Type V “Like”
Cost effective Jellagen® is cost effective compared to mammalian collagens.
Ethically sourced raw materials 0% bycatch and unlike other “marine” collagens derived from fish species, offers zero impact on human feed stock supplies.